Lord Ganesh

Hindus worship and love their Gods like human beings. They are bathed, clothed, fed and made to sleep like any of us lesser mortals. One of the most loved and adored of Hindu Gods is Ganesh. He’s a jovial, pot bellied, elephant headed fun God. Why he is elephant headed is another story which I will tell another day and another time. This post is about the symbolic meaning of his outer appearance.

Now, Lord Ganesh or Ganpati or Vighnahartha or…no I am not going to write down the 108 names he is also known as but he has a lot of attributes. Depending on which one you want to invoke you may call him by that name. For example Vignahartha which when broken down means slayer of obstacles. Vigna means obstacle and Harta means destroyer. Literal meaning. I, personally, have a deep bond with Ganpati. He is a trickster, has a wicked sense of humour and basically brings joy and happiness wherever he goes….and still there is so much to learn from him. from his outer appearance which is seemingly so funny….

Here is a picture I stumbled upon which sums it up beautifully. Many of you might not know what modals and prasada mean so I will explain those.

Modaka is a sweet dumpling which has to be offered to Ganpati. It’s something like a dim sum filled with juicy, yummy, mouth watering coconut and jaggery filling. It’s something that Ganpati always carries in one of his arms. Prasad on the other hand is any offering to the God which is then considered holy.

I hope you like what I’ve shared. Do leave your comments below and let me know!!!


2 thoughts on “Lord Ganesh

  1. Wow! Its wonderful.I am in direct communion with divinity.Among the various who reside in temple Krisna in form of ladoo Gopal is my strength Endless verbal communication and eye contact marks the day.Can’t have a chocolate without offering it to him.Strange but true I fold my hands in worship and say my prayers in english.I studied in a missionary school where the Irish nuns made a deep impression.The Bible and the rosary is equally dear to my chanting beads and sacred scriptures. I feel the essence of life is to imbibe the best from whatever comes our way.


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