The Week That Went By…

Alright so it’s been a while since I posted anything. It’s because I have had a fanatically busy week. For starters I am convinced, I have some problem with understanding movement sequences. I would’ve blamed it on my chemo brain but it’s a perceptual deficit present pre-chemo era. Maybe that’s one the reasons I am so bad at dancing. I can’t mimic movement patterns. I just can’t.

Ordinarily, it shouldn’t matter. And it wouldn’t but the thing is I am a physiotherapist. So if someone needs to show me a new technique, I should be able to perform it. But I have deduced that’s my eyes and ears can’t grasp vision and sound together. So while I understand sound first, I then need to see what’s done. Now here’s where the problem is. Even though I see what is going on, I need to practice more than a million times before I get the hang of any of the techniques. Now that’s not particularly a good thing for my profession.

Another thing is that I learn in a different manner compared to the rest of the world. I first need to get the whole concept and then go into the details. Meaning I need to know the history, assessment, treatment together as a whole rather than separate, distinct sessions for each and then putting two and two together. At this point, I am pretty sure I’ve lost you.  It’s weird, right? I know but that’s the way it.

I have even taken the learning test (Jung typology) in which out of a class of forty people, only four or five were with me in my group. So obviously, in a large group I form a minority population. The teacher isn’t going to cater to me. So, I have found a via media. I just don’t care how I do on tests. Because I invariably do badly on them. Instead I take tests as a means to further my understanding. Chances of you remembering your mistakes are much more than you remembering stuff you got correct. So, basically I learn the other way round.

While I thought I was far away from those learning days, I am not. With the gruelling training in the current job, I am still a student. So while everyone understands things in one go, I take fifty. Ok maybe fifty is an exaggeration but at least ten twelve. Thank God, I don’t have a very big ego so I don’t feel very dejected when I do badly on the tests. I feel good that I learnt something new and added experiential knowledge. Even if it means, I have to work MUCH harder than average Joe.

While I was struggling at work and training in general, I celebrated the festival of Ganapathi Chaturthi at home. Indians worship their Gods like human beings. They are bathed, clothed, fed and entertained. So every year Lord Ganesh or Lord Ganpathi is invited to your homes for merriment and joy. This year we got an idol of his at home. It was the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Every relative and friend came over to participate and add to the joy. And, I really really felt good about it. There is some invisible glue in my house for anyone who comes refuses to leave (not that I am complaining) but it just meant I was up on my feet for a good nine or ten hours.

So well it’s been gruelling but on the whole a bittersweet week. Yes it was tough but it also brought with it some amazing moments. I was humbled by the fact that I spite of my foreign education, there are a lot of things I don’t know and I need to kick my ass to get to a point where I am at least a tad competent. And I was humbled with the presence of EVERY family member and friend to make my occasion extra special. However, I do hope the weeks that follow won’t be as bad and I get more time to blog. Oh well, we’ll see!!


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