A LOT of firsts!!

The last week has brought with it a lot of firsts. Most were pretty good. Some plain outrageous and others just plain ho hum. For all those who are following my post and all those who will next, I have this horrid (?) habit of concocting my own word, terms and meaning. Just remember. Haha!!

Firstly, it brought with it the opportunity to work at this very well known physio clinic in Bombay. You might just call it snooty and uppity…snobbish…nah, there cannot be a more appropriate word. It’s something like when ‘buzz off’ is so much better than ‘go away’!!

It will be the first time I will be working at a place where the client population is rich and upper middle class. It’s going to be a challenge to give an additional insight to Google. I state that because these are the guys who’ve already referred to Google for everything, their signs and symptoms, prognosis, treatment, precautions and contraindication and side effects and everything in between and over and above. (Pretty Good)

Then it brought with it, the opportunity to be trained at this beautiful office in Kurla. Now the office is great. Avante garde. Lovely chic chandeliers. Simple wooden furniture but very elegant. Cabinets with blue mosaic tiles. Can’t get more classy than that! It really can’t! Maybe my reaction is because of the fact that I have, hitherto, worked in very middle class and lower middle class set ups! And I am truly amazed that such wonderful clinics ask exist!  (Pretty Good)

There is only one flip side to the whole situation, this particular office is in a mall in the middle of nowhere. Literally, nowhere. It’s way out. With poor connectivity to trains and buses and cabs. There are autos but they are restricted to the suburbs. They don’t come crawling into SoBo…and thank God for that! Buts it’s so godforsaken!! This is the first time I’ve had to go outside of connectivity of taxis. And, it takes a one hour fifteen to one thirty to drive down there. Thanks to peak hour traffic! (Ho hum)

Now, I have to say the last episode is just plain ridiculous. So, like I mentioned earlier, the training office is in a mall. For lunch, we go to the food court. I carry a packed lunch from home but can’t eat in the office itself. There are way too many people and not enough space. Plus Indian food has a strong aroma which means we aren’t allowed to eat in the cabins. I have a habit to eat something sweet after every meal.

It doesn’t have to be a big dessert dessert but has to be something sweet like a cookie or biscuit or chikki (traditional Indian sweet made of jaggery and nuts or grains). Yesterday’s sweet treat was spoils so obviously the father texted me to not eat it. He realised after I had packed it. Anyway, the sugar urge is too much!! So I decide to eat a cupcake from Mad Over Donut. A chocolate (something) cupcake. Like a cupcake, YUM, YUM,       Y-U-M , right?

Like you cannot go wrong wit a cupcake!! Oh hell you damn well can!! Which is a total first for me!! You’ve got to be a very very very bad baker to go wrong with basic chocolate. Like how is it even possible!! Well you can….the cupcake was brown but had no taste of chocolate. The decadent chocolate flavour was totally lacking. If that wasn’t enough I thought the butter cream would make up for some of the flavourless mess??? Wishful thinking. The icing was just as bad as the cupcake itself. If the rumble tumble and mumble in my tun yum is something to go by, it might have been spoilt also!!! (Outrageous)

Anyhow, so that’s my story!! I hope everyone is well!!! I take this opportunity to thank ALL the fellow bloggers who have liked my various posts over the last few weeks!! Thanks!! It makes me feel appreciated!!

Happy blogging!! Have fun and enjoy life!!



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