The Day Summary

I am really excited today. My closest friend has gone into labour and I can’t wait to get official confirmation on the imminent arrival. My friend was an anxious expectant mother. And, it surprises me that a LOT of pregnant women aren’t half as happy about the baby as everyone around is (one of them being me).

This disparity is another long list of confusions in my head. I don’t quite get the outward happiness and joy and inward turmoil. At heart, IF I ever got pregnant, I’d want to be happy. Plan and be prepared for a child. Just at peace with the situation. After I’ve sorted my own turmoil.

While I get her apprehensions, career off track, unplanned kid, just moved to a foreign country. Taking responsibility for everything. Raising a kid single handedly. But, hey I am a romantic at heart. I believe babies are a symbol of love. I believe they are wonderful gifts of God. It’s a natural progression.

This is just another weird track of my thought process. Hmm…anyway, I am so busy with work training I hardly have the time to think straight!! Gosh!! Oh well, I will sign off now..pray a little for my friend…for the baby…for the family…and somewhere in between remember what I am supposed to for tomorrow.

P.S I got a Facebook account after a good four years!!! Good, bad, horrid? Not so bad I should think because I am not posting stuff there anyway!



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