Life is but a Stage

Day two dawned early. But I still can’t figure out how to get to the damn training location. It’s in a godforsaken place with horrible connectivity to any form of public transport. It plain sucks. I am too fresh out of the onslaught of chemotherapy to undergo the strain of another hour and half of travelling each way. So I learnt the hard way but I am just going to hail an Uber from now on.

After the snobbish snooty SoBo rant, let’s get on with business. Somehow, after three decades of not even trying to fit in, I was trying hard to do just that. It was one of the more stupid moments off late. The point is, I don’t fit in. And in the words of my very wise ex lab partner, why should you fit in when you are meant to stand out? It’s something I forget from time to time.

Anyway, as it happened, instead of hailing the Uber I took an auto from the said location to Vikhroli station with the intent of taking the train. I was trying to fit in. BAD idea!! There was a line of about fifty people just for the ticket. Then to climb the overhead bridge and wait for the train and then take a cab from the station. Tedious task!! This dawned to me after I was at Vikhroli.

While I realised my folly and was loitering up and down to figure out just how to get out of the murky situation, the brother called. He was in the burbs himself and could potentially give me a lift back. THANK GOD for his ways!!! It’s a super shady area. After many shady drivers refused (THANK GOD), one did finally agree. I must say he was a sweetheart. He figured I had no idea where I was and where I had to get to. Still he spoke to the brother and dropped me off exactly at the right spot. He just made me feel safe.

On the one hand I couldn’t help but being grateful to this super sweet guy and on the other, I couldn’t help wonder as to how different I was from the others. So these girls I shared a Rick with, were new grads. One had just finished her graduation while the other was fresh from post graduation. I would think she with so many years of experience would be clinically sound. But with questions like how many sessions exactly are needed for XYZ patient and what to wear and how to talk, I am seriously beginning to doubt the quality of post graduation exams here!!

Anyhow, I also realised I couldn’t fit in even though one of them stayed relatively near to where I was. I just couldn’t fit in. Yes, I admit there is something fundamentally different about me. Not judging right or wrong, it’s just being different. I am glad that I did take the seemingly futile ride, it gave me a warning to not fit in!!

While you’ll find someone out of the blue, someone completely unknown who you will hit it off with in twenty seconds or less, there are also people you are supposed to be getting along with but won’t…..variety is truly the spice of life while life is but a stage!!


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