Back to the Grind!!

It was my first day back to work after a two year sabbatical. God is an impeccable planner and executer. I state this with conviction because of various times I’ve been stuck and then out of nowhere Plans just happen. Like He wants me to see His hand time and again .

The place I am working at started just when I passed out from PT school. Was avante garde and talk of the town back then. Today it’s still popular but much bigger. With twenty four branches all over India. They only treat conservative and their surgery referral rate is less than one percent. Which is super cool, right?

The name had been popping up every now and again. There was an article in the papers about it and someone just shoved it in my face to read. Quite literally. At the time, I shrugged it off totally. I had made enquiries but everyone said they don’t take part timers. Not a very good pay. They have a three month training period…etc etc.

While I didn’t even send them my resume,  I stumbled upon an HR consultant wanting employment for multiple clinics across India. With two very close to my house. One of the main criteria for job selection being a commute no more than twenty minutes by bus.

If you knew the brouhaha on the local trains, you’d know just why it was so important. Not to mention the nearest train station is about fifteen minutes away, if I am very early in the day or very late. Or I am working on a holiday. The details is well beyond the scope of a single paragraph in a blog, trust me.

Even after stumbling upon this ad, I was still very sceptical. It was too good to be true. And really, I thought it was a scam of some sort but still I sent in my resume. And lo and behold, I got a reply. They wanted me to come in right away but I was traveling so I said I would call back after I returned. I was too sceptical.

When I got back, a friend of mine called. He had a job opening at his centre. Seemed like a decent job offer. Pay was paltry but comparatively better than elsewhere. But I was still uncomfortable. It was in an extremely shady area of town. If I were to leave in the evening, I would feel uncomfortable. But still working for a friend would give me the freedom to be myself. Freedom for a lot of things.

At that point, I had forgotten all about the previous job offer. With the tumult in my stomach growing, I was having nightmares and then suddenly, I remembered the other consultant. So I called him, and I was in a HUGE surprise because he said he was looking for candidates for this well reputed company. I set down all my conditions- part time, near my house only, no travelling and a decent pay.

As luck would have it, they had just changed their policies and all of my conditions were met with. The pay was twice that of what my friend was offering. Six monthly regular appraisals. A cool corporate culture. And most importantly, they will be teaching me about the spine. It’s something I have always wanted to go in depth into but really haven’t gotten an opportunity to.

It also induces the physios on how to handle themselves in front of their patients. Hitherto, it was something that was missing. It’s corporatising (I am not sure it’s a legit word) the whole physiotherapy process. Plus it’s all conservative. No drugs, no surgery. To me that’s a win win situation.

The icing on the cake is, they are planning to open a branch abroad. It will definitely be a while before that happens but I have my hopes up high. Even though it’s super difficult to get clearances and licenses abroad, I still am praying it all goes off well. What would be better to have a job paying for lodging and boarding and a salary especially so in the city of my dreams, the city of the Golden Gate??


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