Ok, so I’m fairly new to WordPress. I am not the next big thing, though in my head I am the very best person on the face of the planet. So much for humility. Anyway, so I have changed a few things on my page. Good, better, worst I don’t know.

I changed the background color to a hideous shade of blue and changed it right back to white. I now have a header. And basically, I have no idea what I am doing. Too lazy to view any of the million tutorials available out there. I didn’t think blogging was such a big thing. With people actually making money off it.

I wish I had a cool job. A job which allowed for creativity to flow and a job where I could write about everything I enjoy. Like cooking, crafts, gardening and other DIY things. But I don’t. Now with the conventional job starting, I doubt I will have the time for anything at all.

But then again I am torn between professinal and personal. I am also a good physiotherapist. Not just trying to sound pompous but it’s the truth of the matter. I am able to heal people, help them and leave an impression. Of course I am terrible at giving advice. What works for me never seems to work for anyone else but as far as I give them bookish advice I am ok.

It is a different matter altogether that I don’t abide by any norm or book and it works best that way for me. But I guess it sometimes bothers me when I can’t quite figure out or heed the advice of some one ย else either. Even of people who I am supposed to look up to for advice. Oh it’s complicated.

Anyway, I’ve made changes to the site and I’d love to get some feedback on it.

Love. Light. Hope. Freedom.



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