Musings of a Mind Going Back to Work

Alrighty, so after a prolonged sabbatical, I go back to work!! Back to the grind. Back to early morning getting up, catching up with public transport, packing a lunch and eating a packed lunch, coming back by public transport, cribbing, cringing, crying…oh and working somewhere in between all that!

So I lived most of my life on Indian soil and about four on American but I can’t help believing I was American in my last life. There are constant comparisons and in all the US has won hands down. Like the fact that it’s all very stream lined there. You have a job which implies you make a living worthy of giving you the basics in life plus some more.

Anyway, while I still wait for health to be restored to its fullest and best, I have to wait it out on Indian soil. While I don’t intend on becoming a multi millionaire or even a millionaire for that matter, I do intend on making some more than just pocket money. Therefore, I took up a job with a company which deals with spinal problems. They are pretty much all over the place. And the pay is nearly twice as much as anywhere else.

To think of the luxury I have had of doing apparently nothing, I am now going to be tied down to a tight schedule. Forget that, after a good five years, I actually have to take a test!!!! This company is thorough,bordering on finicky, about how every treatment should be perfect with their own set of techniques. So at the end of the first two months of probation/ training, I have to pass an exam to be eligible to continue. Jesus Christ!!

I got my offer letter yesterday and I have until Monday to live it up. I feel like the sacrificial lamb. The one who can feel it’s end nearing. Only that I should be thinking of it as a new beginning. Something more than just pocket lonely ensures I have enough for my annual trips to Pondi, maybe even make them biannual or triannual. Plus for random spenings, an art class or art ware like paints and brushes etc etc. Maybe a new phone with digital painting app and stylus. Just a general sense of earning money and security (?)!!

While I am just about earning something a little more than pocket money, I really wish I could live on a farm abutting a big city. A farm that ensures I have a steady supply of organic fresh eggs, fruits and veggies and milk and the such. In general, the good life, the pure O2, pure ozone and zero stress life. Living in Napa or Sausalito right by the water front with a private  boat to ferry me to the city of my dreams- San Francisco. Or even live in the city with a view of the Golden Gate!!

I wish of having a loving family. A family which is at peace with one another. At peace with themselves. A husband who does not yell or shout. Someone who oozes confidence and peace to make me more peaceful and secure than what I already am in my own skin. Someone who does not need to talk all day long everyday. Someone who understands the wonders of quiet communication. Someone who doesn’t have to get sloshed to have fun. Someone who doesn’t need external stimulation for fun but enjoys simple real company……

Gah, I really should stop dreaming so much!! And get down to reality, but then again dreaming is a luxury I won’t have too much of after Monday!!



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