Epitome of Tranquility

So today I took my triannual (I googled, it’s a legit word) shopping trip to Crawford market in Bombay. Yes, Bombay is now Mumbai and Crawford is Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market but for nearly two decades I called those just that and I am nowhere near calling them those to bow down to someone’s egoistical whims. And which lead to a lot of hullabaloo over a name, not to mention a wastage of hard earned public money.

Oh well, I just realised I went off on a tangent.¬†You might be wondering, why I didn’t just delete this if I realised my meanderings. It’s because I really liked how I worded it. The drama and the theatrics. Hmm…maybe I am more eccentric than usual or at least the average population. Anyway, enough with the digression. Now to come to the point.

Crawford Market was built in the 1800s funded by a Parsi man (to the best of my knowledge) and it’s the biggest market in Bombay. From fruits and veggies to nuts and dried fruits to crockery and cutlery to boxes and bottles to baubles and beads to decorations and streamers to clothes and shoes to trolley bags and haversacks and illegal to legal goods, you get it all.

On any day, it’s brimming with people buying every and anything under the sun. Hundreds of thousands of people getting their homely supplies and edibles. With another hundred or thousand running behind you to offer services as a porter or maybe haggling about the price or bragging about their wares in a manner that feels like a male bird strutting his stuff to the female in hope of copulation.

The point being, it is an epitome of confusion and chaos. However, today was different. Amidst the pandemonium, I came across the following sight. Which to me is the epitome of tranquility and peace in the unlikeliest place. I apologise for the rather poor quality of the photo but I didn’t have the heart to put on flash in case I disturbed it all.


I was taken aback (in a nice way) by this visual. It would be so nice to have someone box us in with the Divine providing us with Nourishment and everything we need to know as a fledgling until we know it all and face the world with new found confidence and inherent Knowledge. And all this right in the tick of apparent tumult and disorder.

I was deeply touched with what I saw today and couldn’t help but harp about it to anyone willing or unwilling to listen. And now I blog about it as well. But it was so beautiful and innocent and unperturbed. Twelve hours later and it still give me goose bumps. I am going to stop harping. I wonder if a lot of people out there think of it that way, hmm?



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