Things Cancer Hates!

This is a follow up on my post Foods Cancer Hates! I promised there, that I would write about the books I read and the things I did during my skirmish with the dreaded C word. It took a while to get down to writing this one. I got inspired to write about other things, then recently I stumbled upon another cancer related blog and decided to fulfil my promise. So, here goes.

Like I said in Foods Cancer Hates!, again I state that cancer hates everything that is supposedly good for you but you don’t really like to do for whatever reason. Cancer hates oxygen. It therefore, hates everything that increases nutrition and general well being. Happy, blossoming, wonderful thoughts. Fresh and delicious fruits and veggies. Nice and bright sun light. Exercises….and basically, anything that keeps you happy and energetic.


Sunshine– On days when I was not debilitated by the side effects of chemotherapy, my day started with getting about 10-15 minutes of early morning sunshine. Thank God, there is no dirth of which in the tropics. By no way do I mean you should lie around like a couch potato. Walk and break out into a light sweat. Pranayama or breathing exercises are a must just after you finish the walk.

Salt– The wonderful sun bathing was followed by a bath of warm water with salt. You might ask, what if I take a shower? Well, I do too. In which case take a fist full of rock salt or any natural salt and dissolve in a liter of water. Pour half of this before your shower and half of it at the very end. For those taking a bucket bath, just add a fist full in your warm water. Easy peasy.

Yoga– I never do yoga without taking a bath. If you don’t share my finick, switch the schedule around. I went to yoga class thrice a week and at home I practised the following every single day-

a) Surya Namaskar

b) Three sitting poses: Veerasana, Janusheershasana, Matsyangasana.

c) Inversion: Dog pose, Hand stand, Head Stand and Sarvangasana.

d) Shansarovarasana, Shavasana, Garbhatriptasana.

Always start with focusing on your breathing (Ujjayi breathing is a personal favourite) while sitting in Sukhasana and end with the same.

Always get a good teacher who not only teaches the asanas but one who also has a good understanding of Energy work and healing.

Your space– This is a trying phase. Make sure you have your own space. Peace is precious. Surround yourself with people who share your opinion, ideology and faith. Keep your distance from folks who are even remotely negative or hyper or get perturbed at the slightest (even if it means isolation from husbands, wives, kids, significant others, ‘friends’). Spray a fruity organic, natural room freshener. An essential oil diffuser works wonder. Lavender and rose were my favourite. Ensure that your space is clean and neat. It might be ideal to run away to a peaceful, quiet place like a wood cabin or a place by a lake (basic health and finances permitting).


Books – I read a bunch of books during this period. Dying To Be Me by Anita Murjani is one of my favourites. The author is a cancer survivor who after a near death experience was miraculously healed of cancer and by and by got a new outlook to life. The Journey by Brandon Bays is truly inspiring. She fought cancer without chemotherapy or surgery and teaches you how the curve balls actually set you for bigger and better things in life. Another very interesting book is Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione. The last one is the most eye opening and fun. It’s technique is totally counter intuitive which makes it extremely fascinating and exciting.

Entertainment– Personally, I couldn’t handle loud noises, violent scenes and anything that is conventionally entertaining. However, I enjoyed listening to soft music. I enjoyed, hearty comedies and surrounding myself with peaceful friends and some family who were not obsessed with talking about how horrid cancer is and how it kills. HELLO, I am alive and you talking about the killer instinct C has, isn’t helping me!! There are a ton of videos on YouTube which motivates cancer patients. I must say kudos to them for sharing their experiences.


Healing– Pranic healers work wonders. There are a ton of quack out there so be sure to get the right folks. Archangel meditations and cancer healing videos are extremely helpful.  Pranayama, too, gives you a boost of much needed positivity and energy.

Well, this is about what I did during that trying period. It’s what helped me a ton. But every individual is different. So please follow your own Voice. It will talk to you if you listen. Just like a friend will guide you if you ask, same way, ask and it shall be given. I hope this is useful. Please leave behind your comments and suggestions.

Love. Light. Hope. Faith.




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