And, I Always Ran Away From It

The last 365 days have brought with them a myriad of unanticipated changes. For the first and most important being professional. Will I ever be able to go back to being a Physical Therapist. I worked in a fairly high stress job and (at the cost of being pompous) did a pretty good job of it, I think.

I could handle the crazy, loud, boisterous, psycho folks with complete ease (better not give out details or I will be sued for HIPPA violations).That maybe stepping from the fact that I am myself fairly eccentric, oh well that is another story for another day. But now, come to think of it, will I be able to do it much longer?

Being in this field is very challenging. Physically, yes but more so emotionally and spiritually. I have to, continuously, be talking to patients. Continuously be around people. It’s a lot of energy exchange, not only on the very evident plane but also on the subtle plane.

And I haven’t learnt how to conserve energy. How to give only as much as is healthy. I always get tired after a chat with someone or just a social gathering. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t draw my energy from others. I can only draw energy when I am in sync myself.

With each passing day, my urge to do something else gets stronger. I have a lot to thank the Light for, for It has given me many talents (wow, I am in some pompous mood). Giving vent to my artistic instincts, my culinary skills and catching up on books. Things which I have always wanted to do but not managed to.

Now, I have come to crossroads where I am being guided to pursue them. I cannot suppress those urges anymore. And, yes maybe I am five years a little late but I started my own store on It’s called divine_touch. I have a few designs fairly Indian. I love the rusticity and simplicity of Indian patters. At the moment most are black and white because it makes something ethnic, classy, and I love that.

And to think I ran away from it, initially!!! The Divine truly has his own way of working….with sleight.

P.S. The featured image is also one of my own creations.


4 thoughts on “And, I Always Ran Away From It

      1. its my time to leave … i’ve never been so sad to go home. Will get back to your blog tomorrow… and hey, do u like xmas movies ??? i love cartoons and the kids stuff and also xmas movies …

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