Just Bang the Stick

Confessions of an adult mind- I love to watch children’s movies. For the last three decades of my life, I have been hooked on to them. I thought I would outgrow them with time, I would get on to like the Missions Impossibles and Transformers and the like. Couldn’t have been more wrong.

Recently, I stumbled upon Nanny McPhee (small C, big P, haha!). My first impression-it is going to be a garish, loud, OTT version of Mary Poppins. But I watched it anyway. A decision I do not regret much because there wasn’t much else to watch anyway and it was a watchable movie.

A few weeks later, there was Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang. Now, my mature mind was at complete loggerheads with my somewhat naive, fantasy loving heart. There was another critically acclaimed Hindi movie at the same time. What must be done? After much deliberation and offers and counter offers, the battle was won by the heart.

Oh well, I was in for a surprise. While the general premise remained the same, the intricacies and nitty gritty details changed for the better. For one, the life lessons that Nanny McPhee taught were worthy and excellent, not just for children but everyone. Secondly, the idea of finding the Magic Learning in midst of utter and complete chaos makes me go awww….awww….awww!!! It reinforces my belief that every abyss is put up for your own learning curve and internal progress. And, thirdly everything is planned perfectly by Him.

I love the idea of having someone who looks after you. Someone very human and still having that Magic shine obviously and in-your-face manner. And the presence of that someone to take you out of your abyss, uncover the cloth of apparent illusion and make you learn your life lessons to lead you to the bounty of happiness.

He does have a perfect plan. Even if our short sightedness does not allow us to see it. This is very evident when it’s revealed that Nanny McPhee stays with Aggie the baby from the first movie and the employer of the frazzled mom in this one.

It sticks with my inner belief or dream that it can all be as quick and as easy. The children in the movie learnt how to stop fighting, share nicely, help each other, be brave and have faith which leads to peace and happiness just with the bang of a stick.

Wouldn’t it be rather wonderful to have a magical Nanny McPhee for all of us to learn as simply and as wonderfully with just the bang of a stick?

Dreams and hope!!


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