It’s a Matter of the Obsessive Perspective.

I am not religious. No, I AM NOT AN ATHEIST. When I tell people I am not religious, the usual allusion is that I am an atheist. Today, I was looked down upon, derisively, for saying I have never fasted in the last three decades of my presence on earth (amongst other apparently anti-God qualities) for religious purposes.

It then struck me like lightening- common belief or common consciousness cannot or does not understand the difference between spirituality and religiousness.

I am not here to shoot down religions or hurt anyone’s sentiments. But, while I am truly enamoured by the vastness of spirituality, the endless scope of unifying everything apparently diverse, I cannot fathom the constricted views or rationales of religion.

Taking a religious adage also helps us unify rather that differentiate to make religious hierarchies. If God made man in His own image, then how is the man profoundly different from you, not an image of God?

Well yes, I am a vegetarian. I have never fancied gnawing on flesh and bones of amphibian, reptilian, mammalian or avian species. I am a teetotaller. Don’t quite get the idea of developing a taste for fermented fruit and grains or puffing away on a leaf wrapped in paper. But I don’t ridicule those who are not. I don’t even think that they are lesser mortals either.

What is the obsession we have of typifying God. The obsession of  someone dictating to us that this is right and that is wrong? Pre-set dogmas of one type to get closer to Him? What is with the idea of living in fear of the image you are?

I do not go to places allotted for worship. I do not perform the rituals which will, apparently, help me get to heaven (for I don’t believe in the man made illusion of a hell). I do not fast to bribe God. But that DOES NOT mean I don’t believe in the existence of God.

I believe in the existence of the Divine. There is a Higher Presence, and he’s not just above us. He’s also within and amidst us. I worship Him in ALL forms. I enjoy His presence in everything. He is not just present in the idol in the allotted place of worship, He’s everywhere. While you connect with His presence in an allotted area, I seek Him everywhere. NO I AM NOT AN ATHEIST.

Hope. Fun. Pray. Light.



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